Treatment for Depression


Depression can be difficult to explain and even more difficult to overcome.

It can be painful and may feel like a sadness that won’t go away. It can make you feel tired all the time,  or sometimes cause physical aches and pains or make you to feel like overeating or not eating at all. Depression can be destructive, having a negative impact on personal goals and enjoyment of usual activities.   It can even make it difficult to think or concentrate often impairing ones ability to make decisions.

Through compassionate listening and collaboration, we can find your voice through exploration using non-verbal techniques such as art or mindfulness to identify relatable descriptions of what you’re feeling and help you find ways to deal with every day stressors.

We can explore your needs and identify your anchors, the constants that will help you discover a new capacity for finding joy, peace, hope and self worth.

 If you feel a need for help with your depression, contact me for a consultation.




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