Art Therapy Treatment for Anxiety


Anxiety can come in many ways that you may not recognize until you begin to explore those uncomfortable, overwhelming feelings or situations you may be experiencing. Whether it’s constant intrusive worry about the future that you can’t seem to stop, inability to focus, restless sleep, irritability for unknown reasons, tense muscles or the upset stomach, anxiety can be debilitating and affect your ability to accomplish your goals. It can also be accompanied by panic attacks that cause shortness of breath and tightness in the chest that can be very scary.

Anxiety can also often lead to depression. Through my own challenges with generalized anxiety, including one too many panic attacks where I felt I might die, I know first hand how challenging it can be to overcome, but through my own exploration I found relief. Some amount of anxiety is normal and can help motivate or prepare for life’s events but when it’s too much, it can affect the whole body and mind causing long term damage and affect your life in a negative way. There are so many factors that may be causing anxiety. If you feel like you might have anxiety that is having a negative affect on your life, let’s explore where it may be coming from and work towards managing it together.  When you realize the sources of anxiety, you can become aware of triggers and mindfully develop healthy strategies to cope. Anxiety can be explored both through words use of art therapy, calming sensory experiences and mindfulness as a way to channel it and reduce stress hormones in the body.

If you feel a need for help with your anxiety, contact me for a consultation.




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